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We're talking about the serious business of Pokemon AUs for your beloved characters. I require your teams, types, gyms, city, what fucking ever. Do it.

Just for you, Vorrick. 

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*a quickly scribbled note would arrive at Light's Hope sometime in the morning*
it is with concern and displeasure that I inform the residents of this encampment that a somewhat strange Death Knight makes a habit of prancing about at the top of Acherus. often with ghouls, explosives, or both together. he may worship some strange lightning-deity. this is obviously unsafe. It is my suggestion to equip one of your archers with tranqulizing poison and to take careful aim. release him back into the wild (the North).
                                                                                            a concerned and upstanding citizen

ooc: not even remotely serious, but jad rarely is 

The Deuce

Found this while trying to untangle the mess that is my Word. Not sure what the deuce it is, when I wrote it, or WHY I wrote it: it just exists. I'm going to assume that it's some sort of skeleton draft from forever ago but I don't know. Here for the lols, really.


Wayblade received the saronite.

I feel something like regret over it.

Nevermind, he’s harping about his trolls again. B/

I am always right.

I might have been hit on.

I hate Howsa.

I hate Matojo.

I hate Jana.

I hate trolls.

Singebrow and the King are not getting married.

Note: mail more saronite.

Second note: need targets.

I baked a pie with knives in it, the priestess may try and purge me from the world.

I am still right.


Tumblrs. I know you people have them. I want them. I already have Aen's, Din's, and Alinor's aaaaand...


Maybe. I don't know how to check because I've resisted the fuck out of tumblr and its nefarious ways.

Now give.



OOC: Stuff

Sometimes it doesn't get said, sometimes it doesn't get said enough:

It is my sincere pleasure to play across from you all. I joined the Twitter Project with lulz and a shrug and I was honestly surprised by how good and developed a lot of the characters are. The limited medium can sometimes be frustrating but it also lets me put things together slowly, like an awesome and delicious puzzle. 

Serious time concluded.

Keep on keeping on. 


IC: Whining

OOC: When it doubt, soapbox. The person in question in this entry is obviously @Xanadar, but Jad has issues with names so it's never actually stated.

He will live to regret it. Or perhaps not, death often comes swifter than remorse.

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OOC: Reminders

Two posts in one day is madness. But this is LJ.

It occurred to me while writing up Jad's little reminder note that if he was set in a modern universe his fridge/laptop/dashboard would be carpeted with little reminder notes that would help him refrain from making an ass out of himself.

But what would your characters have? Use the same format as IC:Reminders or launch into a discussion or what have you. It's been awhile since we've had OOC shenanigans and...shenanigans. ;) 

I look forward to seeing what you come up with. =o